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Dieses außerordentlich komplexe Konzept haben wir uns natürlich nicht selbst ausgedacht, sondern von Dave Eggers geborgt...
The Circle von Dave Eggers
The Circle
Strange Phenomenons in Homeopathy von CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Strange Phenomenons in Homeopathy

How does homeopathy relate to nonlocality and synchronicity? Isuret Polos explains his personal experience with high potency remedies and their effect on synchronistic events and psychokinetic effects, phenomena that are experienced also by so many practitioners of homeopathy but was not collected into one book, until now.

Mein Lieblingszitat aus dem Buch:

"How do we make sense of synchronicity? I believe that the information of a remedy resides on the dimension of time only and there it exhibits its power, by creating order on time. Time is spaceless and therefore also immaterial."

On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft
On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft
Gebundene Ausgabe

King is the King! You will understand what pain and frustration writing can imply if one's life has not the ideal conditions for a writer, when one needs to earn money for living and cannot concentrate fully on writing ... something what almost all of us experience. And King was no exception of the rule. His beginnings was marked by hardship. An exceptional good book, interesting in all its aspects, many aspects of King which I didn't know yet and yes he has a lot of humor.